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Complete System Service package is one low price with no hourly fees. Remove all spyware and viruses. Fix corrupt operating system. Reinstall if needed. Install all patches and critical updates. Remove unwanted icons and applications. Update virus and spyware definitions. Clean inside of system. Repair any software or hardware problems. (Parts not included.)

Wireless network package is one low price with no hourly fees to setup your wireless network. When you go to a wireless connection you can leave your self open to intruders or neighbors getting to your files or dragging down your Internet performance by using your Internet bandwidth. Includes Sharing your Internet connection / Connecting two computers / Share files and printers, and Encrypting Your Network.

Additional Computers are only $25 on the same visit. (Parts not included.)

One low price with no hourly fees for data recovery. Data recovery generally deals with accidental deletion of files, reformatted drives, damaged or corrupt file tables, missing partitions, the infamous "blue screen", continual rebooting, inaccessible drives resulting in the operating system requesting that you reformat now, etc. Successful data recovery depends on the extent of damage to your hard drive. If we cant recover your information the fee is only $40 for the time spent.

Complete image backup of your hard drive. Simplifies restoring your system in case of disaster. Backup is returned on CD's, DVD's or another hard drive. (Hard Drive not included)

Reset Windows XP / 2000 / NT security Administrator password. Windows 2003 Server is supported. Windows XP Home and Professional Editions are supported. Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server are supported. Windows NT Workstation and Server 4.0 are supported. All Service Packs are supported.  If we cant reset your information the fee is only $20 for the time spent.

Please contact for services and prices not listed.

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